Refurbished Foam Pit

Refurbished Foam Pit

Over the school holidays the Cooroy Gymnastics Club has installed a new airflow system, safety padding and new pit trampoline.

The $35,000 project was co-funded by the Noosa Council in the latest round of funding and comes immediately after the installation of the new competition floor.  The new equipment installations over the last two months have exceeded $120,000 which see Cooroy as one of the best equipped gymnastics clubs.

The new airflow system underneath the foam pit has been a goal of the Committee for some time now.  The system allows for the decompaction of the foam as gymnasts use the pit and also has an environmental benefit of greatly increasing the life of the pit foam itself.

The pit also had new safety edges added with 200mm of foam which also evens out the edge of the floor.  The internal of the pit is also fitted with 120mm thick padding to also protect our gymnasts.

We would like to acknowledge the help of the Noosa Council for the Grant which allowed us to undertake this fantastic project.

Cooroy Gymnastics would also like to thank the fantastic members of the club for helping with the installation and refilling of the pit.

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