Cooroy Gymnastics Club undertakes major upgrade

Cooroy Gymnastics Club undertakes major upgrade

The Cooroy Gymnastics Club has been undergoing a process of upgrades and equipment renewals over the past 18 months, including, a completely new complex layout to maximise usability.

This week saw the apex of the apparatus replacements with a new international standard competition floor area.  The new floor area was funded under a grant from the Queensland Government’s, “get in the game” program. 

The Queensland Government provided $59,743 to Cooroy Gymnastics Club to upgrade existing flooring to support gymnastics at Cooroy to increase Queenslanders participation in sport and recreation activities.

The new competition standard floor area is larger and is fully sprung to facilitate the growth in our competitive program.  The high standard of equipment is enabling gymnasts to perform higher level skills.  The new Spieth competition floor is the same floor used at World Championships and the Olympic competition.

The floor installation has been timely as Cooroy has two competitors competing in the Queensland Senior State Championships in Brisbane from Friday April 7th until Monday April 10th.  Kyle McCartney, level 10 and Finlay Jones, level 7 will use the new floor to develop new and improved skills on floor including layout twisting elements.


2017 Gymnastics Sign On Day

2017 Gymnastics Sign On Day

Cooroy Gymnastics is having a sign on day for new members on Saturday 21st of January from 9am until 12 noon.

Coaches will be available to assess new gymnasts to the club to ensure you get into the right class.  You will be able to sign up for all of our classes, from Kinder Gym and Gym Fun Classes through to our competitive program.

Head on over to our facebook event page and let us know if you are coming at Cooroy Gymnastics sign on event.

If you would like more information please call the club on 5442 5800 or email us.


Noosa School Gymnastics Programmes

Noosa School Gymnastics Programmes

From Sunshine Coast Daily Tuesday Aug 23rd 2016

Movement Makes Minds

Prep teachers at Pomona State School have high mastery of literacy and numeracy as their "core business."

To this end, their Perceptual Motor Programme goes a long way to helping children achieve high results by developing effective and efficient gross and fine motor skills.

"Gross Motor" refers to whole body movements eg. walking, throwing, and catching, while "fine motor"  is about using hands and fingers.  Children with sound gross and fine motor skills are often better prepared for academic tasks.

Our prop day encourages play with rhythm and rhyme to enhance and refine balance and co-ordination. When a child had good fine motor control, holding a pencil correctly and learning to write is a snap.

So how does prep at Pomona help children develop good writing skills?

By providing  man and varied opportunities to manipulate materials.

PE teacher, Mr Ben Byrne also works with the preps to develop their gross motor skills.

This term, the prep students have been working on developing their "core" strength with the help of Craig and Jeff from the Cooroy Gymnastics Club. The aim of the programme is to learn fundamental movements and body awareness.

Mastery of effective fine and gross motor skills helps form the foundation for successful lifelong learning.

After all that is our goal.


Cooroy Gymnastics wins 6 at its Best WAG Regional Results

Cooroy Gymnastics wins 6 at its Best WAG Regional Results

Gymnasts from the Cooroy Gymnastics Club competed at the Sunshine Coast Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships at Maroochydore over the weekend. A strong field of over 150 gymnast from all of the Regional Clubs contested at the event.  Regional Championships is one of the last qualifying events for the upcoming Queensland Junior State Championship to be held in September.

The two days of competition were the best ever for the Cooroy Club with 6 Regional Champions emerging from the event including one Regional all around winner - Amie Kerz in the Level 5 under division.

Saturday was the Level 6 competition and Cooroy entered one competitor, Kaitlyn Hauser who achieved 1st Vault, 1st Beam, 2nd floor and 3rd all around.

Sunday had an early start with Levels 3, 4 & 5 competing throughout the day.

Cooroy entered eight competitors in Level 3, Lilliana Jones, Imogen Keals, Cheyne Barron, Sarah Janssen, Nia Townsend, Ashanti McLean, Piper Schillert and Bianca Houston.  A fantastic result from all competitors with Cooroy finishing 1, 2 & 3 on Bars.

The Level 3 team were awarded 3rd Club in the Region.

    Level 3 under:
  • Lillian Jones: 3rd Vault and 4th all around.
    Level 3 open:
  • Imogen Keals: 2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam and 2nd all around.
  • Cheyne Barron: 3rd Bars, 6th Vault, 4th Beam and 5th all around.
  • Sarah Janssen: 6th Vault and 2nd Beam.
  • Nia Townsend: 1st Bars.

Cooroy entered four gymnasts into the Level 4 competition, Isobel Iriondo, Georgia Brown, Rhian Loader and Mia Schild. The Level 4 team were also awarded 3rd Club in the Region.

    Level 4 open:
  • Isabel Iriondo: 3rd Bars, 6th Floor and 6th all around.
  • Georgia Brown: 3rd Vault, 6th Floor and 8th all around
  • Rhian Loader: 6th Beam, 4th Floor and 9th all around

The last event for the day was the Level 5 competition with Cooroy entering just one competitor, Amie Kerz, who placed on all apparatus and finished with the all around Regional Title.

Level 5 Under: 3rd Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Beam, 1st Floor & 1st all around.

The Gymnasts will now concentrate for the upcoming Queensland Junior State Championship which runs in September for Girls Level 4 - 6.  Cooroy will be entering 4 competitors 2 of whom will represent the Sunshine Coast Region in the Regional Challenge held at the end of the Championships.


MAG Sunshine Coast Regional Championships 2016

MAG Sunshine Coast Regional Championships 2016

Cooroy Gymnasts win Regional Titles

The Cooroy Gymnastics Club sent a team of five level two boys and three level four boys to the Sunshine Coast Regional Championships. The competition field included gymnasts from all seven Regional Clubs including, Wide Bay, Gympie, Sunshine Coast Gymnastics, Maroochydore, Caloundra and AGDA Deception Bay.

The Cooroy team consisting of Ashton Davis, Eli Brauman, Mini Betteridge, Riley Brown, Noah Bennell, Baylen Jup, Mackenzie Jones & Ryan Collins completed on all six apparatus and for the all around award. The boys won seven individual apparatus titles plus one prestigious all around title.

The level 2 boys won four apparatus and filled the podium 1,2 & 3 in the all around division. A first for Cooroy at a Regional Championship.

The level 4 boys, Baylen, Mackenzie and Ryan were all chosen to represent the Sunshine Coast in the Queensland Regional Challenge to be held at upcoming Queensland State Championships in September.

Coach Jeff Ferrer was impressed with the results and said, “the boys have been working hard to learn and perfect there routines”.

The results for the Cooroy Club were:

    Level 2 open:
  • Ashton Davis: 1st Floor, 1st Pommel, 2nd P Bars, 2nd High Bar and 1st all around
  • Eli Brauman: 2nd Floor, 2nd Vault and 2nd all around
  • Mini Betteridge: 1st Rings, 1st P Bars, 3rd High Bar and 3rd all around
  • Riley Brown: 3rd Pommel, 3rd Vault
  • Noah Bennel: 4th on Floor
    Level 4 open:
  • Baylen Jup: 1st Pommel, 3rd Rings, 1st P Bars, 1st High Bar and 2nd all around
  • Mackenzie Jones: 2nd Floor, 2nd Rings and 3rd all around
  • Ryan Collins: 3rd Floor, 3rd Vault & 3rd P Bars


Caloundra Gymnastics Results

Cooroy Gymnastics Club Boys Competition Results

The Cooroy Gymnastics Club sent a team of eight boys to the newly opened Caloundra Gymnastics Centre for their first competition of the year. The competition fielded competitors from Wide Bay to Brisbane from levels two to six.

For some of the boys it was their first ever experience of a gymnastics competition with all athletes competing for apparatus and all around placings. Coach Jeff was very pleased with the boys performance and especially with the team spirit shown by the boys.

The podium results for the boys were fantastic with the level two boys finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th & 7th in the all around over the six apparatus and Baylen finishing 2nd in the all around at level 4.

Level 4:

  • Baylen Jupp - 2nd all around, 2nd Floor, 2nd Pommel, 2nd Rings, 3rd Vault, 2nd P Bars and 2nd on High Bar.
  • Mackenzie Jones - 3rd Rings.

Level 2:

  • Eli Brauman - 2nd all around, 3rd Floor, 2nd Vault, 3rd P Bars and 2nd on High Bar.
  • Ashton Davis - 3rd all around, 2nd Pommel, 3rd Rings, 1st P Bars and 1st on High Bar.
  • Jack Curry - 2nd Floor & 1st Rings.
  • Mini Betteridge - 2nd on P Bars.

With some great performances also from Riley Brown and CJ Connolly.

The boys are now focused on the upcoming Sunshine Coast Regional Championships to be held at Maroochydore in August where they should also perform well.


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