Cooroy Gymnastics Launch Pad Accredited Programs

Cooroy Gymnastics Launch Pad Accredited Programs

Cooroy Gymnastics Club is now a LaunchPad accredited club!

LaunchPad is a joint national initiative between Gymnastics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission to increase participation in physical activity for 0-12 year olds through fundamental movement skills.

The LaunchPad initiative is designed to equip Aussie kids with the fundamental movement skills required in all types of physical activity and hopefully to lead a happy, healthy life. By participating in a LaunchPad program children will develop their fundamental movement skills, strength and fitness all while having a great time. Furthermore, LaunchPad programs are not just a work out for kid's bodies, but also for their brains, with activities designed to benefit learning, concentration and brain development. LaunchPad also helps develop children's social skills through team work and cooperation.

Approved Gymnastics Classes for Noosa Cooroy Gymnastics Club

The LaunchPad logo recognises quality programs that develop fundamental movement skills in a fun environment. All programs, which fall under the LaunchPad initiative, are conducted by accredited coaches who aim to give all children a fun, exciting and educational introduction to gymnastics and movement.

Gymnastics provides a "launch pad" into life...into sports, education, health and a happy childhood!

It's Time to Move!

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