Noosa Gymnastics Classes for Girls
Cooroy Gymnastics Club

The Cooroy Gymnastics Club run a large Girls Gymnastics Programs. We offer both Developmental and Competitive Gymnastics Classes.

Developmental Gymnastics

At Cooroy Gymnastics we consider our no-competitive gymnastics to be a progressive program that offers real gymnastics development and outcomes. In our Development Gymnastics Classes gymnast learn the same skills as our competitive gymnasts. We teach them with the same progression, but as classes are shorter it does take a little longer.

What We Offer

Our Girls Gymnastics classes starts with our Intro Program which run for one hour, and move through our Competitive Level Program.

We believe gymnastics should be taught correctly from the beginning. Our approach is to create a strong foundation of strength and skill. It can take time to achieve new skills and goals and they will only be reached with a planned pathway.

Girls Competitive Gymnastics

Girls who show a love of the sport are encouraged to progress to our competitive program. More about our Competitive Girls Gymnastics Program.

Competitive News

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