Pre School Gymnastics
Gymnastics for Under 5s

Gymnastics offers an exciting and fun learning experience for children.

The Cooroy Gymnastics Club offers a pathway of learning for children from 2 years old in our Kinder Gym Classes and then in our Gym Explorers Classes for those 4 and up.

Kinder Gym

Kinder Gym classes are provide a positive movement and learning experience for young children who will actively learn with their Parent or Caregiver.  This fun environment allows them to play and bond whilst learning new things and exploring new experiences.
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Gym Explorers

Gym Explorers is the next step in your childs' Gymnastics and Learning.  Our Gym Explorers is a soft introduction to group learning without the parent or caregiver.  Classes are kept to low numbers and children are taught basic gymnastics shapes and movements. More importantly they are given the skills so that they are "ready to learn".  Taking Turns, Lining Up, Following Instructions, all of which will help in preparing children for the up and coming transition to school.
More about our Gym Explorers Program.

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